Monday, August 3, 2009

System of Greece education

Education in Greece is obligatory for all children 6-15 period old; videlicet, it includes Particular (Dimotiko) and Inferior Inessential (Gymnasio) Instruction. The cultivate sentence of the students, still, can act from the age of 2.5 geezerhood (pre-school education) in institutions (snobby and open7) titled "Vrefonipiakoi Paidikoi Stathmi" (creches). In few Vrefonipiakoi Stathmoi there are also Nipiaka Tmimata (glasshouse classes) which control along with the Nipiagogeia (kindergartens).
Attendance at Particular Teaching (Dimotiko) lasts for six geezerhood, and children are admitted at the age of 6. Along with the daily kindergartens (Nipiagogeia) and the Dimotika, All-day direct schools are in functioning, with an unrolled timetable and an enriched Curriculum.

Post-compulsory Subsidiary Instruction, according to the change of 1997, consists of two train types: Eniaia Lykeia (Unified Bunk Alternative Schools) and the Technical Vocational Educational Schools (TEE). The time of studies in Eniaia Lykeia (EL) is tierce eld and two geezerhood (a' aim) or three eld (b' stratum) in the Technical Vocational Educational Schools (TEE). Mutual pupil transfer from one identify of education to the otherwise is conceivable.

Along with the mainstream schools of Pinion and Unoriginal Teaching, Unscheduled Nipagogeia (kindergartens), Dimotika, Gymnasia, Lykeia and speed tributary classes are in surgery, which admit students with special educational needs. Musical, Faith and Material Teaching Gymnasia and Lykeia are also in activeness.

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