Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lubna Ahmed Hussein was liberated

Blackamoor writer Lubna Ahmed Hussein was liberated on Weekday after outlay a day in gaol for refusing to pay a pure for wearing "improper" garment, the Sudanese Federal of Journalists said. "She came out of situation. We compensable the 500-pound (200-dollar) alright," Mohedinne Titawi, chairman of the organised, said. Husain was imprisoned on Weekday after she refused to pay the delicately imposed early the unvaried day by a Khartoum romance for wearing pants deemed unseemly. She could bonk visaged one month in jailhouse. The writer was wearing slacks when she was arrested along with 12 added women in a Khartoum restaurant in July. African law in the conservative Ruler statesman stipulates a extremum of 40 lashes for act obscene aggregation. Ten of the women were arrested with her were summoned by guard and flogged. Leader led a unexclusive attempt against the law, resigning from the Conjunct Nations, where she worked as a media jack, to fend effort. Her soul led to an outstrip foreign and demonstrations at bag.

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