Monday, February 8, 2010

Stealth iBot Computer Spy

There are a few unsuccessful conditions in lifetime anywhere it would be many relaxed if you could get out what they are actually performing on the your computer. Certain, that is where Key logger originate in – then again they are not fool proof, by way of you have to really have the Key logger dongle committed to the system for it to effort – and that is barely well-organized if you are frustrating to spy on somebody. That is why the latest Stealth iBot Computer Spy is so different. It seems and everything like an normal USB key and key logger then it doesn’t have to continuously connected to the system to work. Simply plug it in to the system and it will automatically connect all it requirements to record a people’s actions on a system. You may eliminate the Stealth iBot Computer Spy later only five seconds – you don’t need to leave the device after devoted to the computer. What as well creates the Micro GPS Tracking Logger particularly exclusive is that it is almost untraceable – also anti-spamming and anti-virus software won’t pick it up. For more details visit

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