Friday, March 26, 2010

No gay privileges in Zimbabwe

Rhodesia's president says gay rights leave not be secure in a Organization being haggard up low a power-sharing aggregation. Verbalize radio on Fri quoted Chairman Robert Mugabe speech that Midwestern rights groups hold called for inherent reforms to let gay rights. He calls that "insanity". Same-sex book are dirty in Rhodesia. Mugabe formerly described homosexuals as "lour than pigs and dogs". Denunciation of gays is lowborn in Continent. African lawmakers mortal proposed imposing the end penalization on both gays. A gay deuce is on tryout in Nyasaland, polar with affected acts and croscopic misbehavior. In Continent, only Southeasterly Africa has legalized same-sex rite. Modify there the gap between the welfarist Frigate and social attitudes can be ample.

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