Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stacy Keibler

The Descendants character Martyr Clooney says he would couple to line with actress Kate Winslet on a forthcoming picture.

The 50-year-old actor, who is dating quondam scrapper Stacy Keibler, is a big fan of the Mildred Perforate actress and she is top of his move of fantasy co-stars, according Contactmusic.

"I've never worked with Kate Winslet and I'd hump to work with her. There are a meg writer out there. Pretty such any actress - I hump excavation with actresses in solon," Clooney said.

The director admitted that his current picture The Descendants - which missed out on the Human Flick gong to The Creator at the Bafta Awards, was a "gainsay" to create, and he didn't judge it to be real asymptomatic conventional.

"The Descendants was a challenge to achieve but making films in general is always a younger bit of a gainsay but it's comfort making movies and that's fun. Mostly it was fun. I didn't think it would be so healed received but you never do that. Sometimes you do films and you are amazed when people equal them and that's precise," he said.

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