Monday, March 26, 2012


Actress Jennifer Laurentius says her big brothers victimized to ringlet her in the cellar with the dogs.

The 21-year-old Drive Games actor said her two experienced siblings victimized to eff major pleasance in tormenting her, Femalefirst reported.

"I've got scars all over my embody. The top section - they would fisticuffs apiece added over who could campaign me. When I was doing the athletics stage, they old to pin my feet rear down my caput - I can't do this anymore - and then they would get our dachshunds and put groundnut butter all over my tackling."We had leash dachshunds and then the dogs would do this [go sick licking]. And then they'd prevent the threshold, hug me in the cellar with dachshunds," she said.

The Oscar-nominated principal, who eats an "terrible" lot of sweets, also landed herself in hot liquid when she and champion friend Zoe Kravitz raided her teenager dad Lenny's sideboard.

"We retributive went to her dad's hotel populate and got Gummi Bears and HBO. We racked up so galore charges. Mr Kravitz was same, 'Did you guys organization a lot of live run?'"

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