Saturday, January 2, 2010

BJP of attractive

Congress on Sabbatum accused BJP of attractive in a "substance stunt" after contestant receiver MP Prabhat Jha wrote a document to Chairperson Pratibha Patil rearing questions on the demeanour in which N D Tiwari program was dealt with by the regime. "Leaking out the honor to the media soon after composition it raises doubts on whether he real wants a research or is only engaging in content stunt. The full affectedness smacks of political intentions," lot interpreter Shakeel Ahmad told reporters here. Originally, in a award to Chair Pratibha Patil, BJP Rajya Sabha MP and its nationalist supporter Prabhat Jha upraised questions on the conduct in which the Tiwari program was dealt with by the government. "Raj Bhawan is a abode associated with the Constitution. The control's install is a constitutional station which enjoys courtesy. Did N D Tiwari living uninjured that accept?" Jha asked in the document. "The concern should be investigated ... and a housing should be filed," he said. Demand that the intact commonwealth was shocked by the broadcast, Jha questioned the silence of the Congress on the opening.