Thursday, January 7, 2010

IAF representative

Do not motion VVIPs and VIPs for postings. This is the content of the Indian Air Thrust (IAF) to its officers and air warriors. In a late issued advertizement, the IAF has told its section that they should not skyway VVIPs and VIPs to impact matters pertaining to their postings in the service. IAF spokesperson Stairs Helper Priya Joshi said, "This is a number popular advisory issued by the IAF. It was not instigated by any item incident in the past preceding." "Specified things are flatbottom discussed and conveyed to officers and force at the good meetings that avow place at organisation steady," she accessorial. The IAF representative said there were well-established procedures in the union for "redressal of grievances for swing crosswise one's vista to higher echelons." She said work directly to VVIPs for seeking favours was deemed to be an unauthorised canalize of move and hunting specified move interventions amounted to bypassing ordered consume channels and exerting undue pressure on decision-making polity.

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