Monday, December 28, 2009

Fleet Program

After verifying with a only some programmer and talk about for months, lastly the chief has come to a decision to decide one from some of them. So apologetic to others persons who has exhausted so a lot time to us but not succeed to obtain the project. :)

Recently, the Fleet program offered by the designer A is the most excellent among other. According to him, this Fleet Program is incredible comparable to the lodge reservation arrangement. Or perhaps should said similar to this, mostly both of the hotel reservation system and car rental system are same. Fine, this is what the programmer tell us and we just take note to him.

According to the suggestion, the Fleet system will be prepared in three months periods and we are presents a further three months to analysis and try out the system. Though, we have a trouble here, which is the present record is too hard to journey to the latest program. This denotes, the latest programs are come with blank record and we have to manually keying entire data of our almost 300 units of vehicle!?? Besides, I am not fit in to their business so this is not anything to me and I to observe how many jobs they will have afterward when the program is set.

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