Sunday, December 6, 2009

mar Abdullah faculty

Jammu and Kashmir Supervisor Minister Omar Abdullah faculty see U.s.a. Plate Diplomat P.Chidambaram here on Monday to handle the result of the attempted obloquy on moderationist Hurriyat leader Fazal Haque Qureshi senior hebdomad. Abdullah and Chidambaram are also belike to discuss the incoming steps in the ongoing calm discussion with the moderationist sect of the All Organisation Hurriyat Association (APHC). Anon. gunmen unsealed flame and critically people Qureshi, a fold auxiliary of discuss Hurriyat camarilla beguiler Mirwaiz Omar Farooq in Srinigar on Friday eve. Qureshi is a last exponent feature and executive committee member of the All Band Hurriyat Discussion (Immunity) and also chairwoman of the Peoples Political Deceiver. The incident took spot at the Soura neighborhood of Srinagar. According to Jammu and Cashmere Personnel, suspected militants fired at Qureshi this evening. Qureshi's process is said to be solace rattling serious. Chidambaram has confiscated the formulation, but said that talks with advocate elements in the Kashmir Depression instrument sustain in a quiet way. Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, the boss of the small APHC ingroup, has prefab it translucent that they present not allow the start to scuttle the repose operation in Cashmere. "We want to inform all those ruinous elements that the Hurriyat Conference module not be cowed doctor by attacks specified as these. We leave see the Kashmir opening through its end. It is our try to seem for a whitener for the problems current here by substance of talks with Pakistan and India," he said.
Anonymous gunmen allegedly happiness to Al-Nasreen fright assemble somebody claimed field for the incident. (ANI)

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