Monday, December 7, 2009

The search for knowledge

Chairman Pratibha Patil on Monday said that the importance of nations in the 21st century would be judged not by efficient capableness lonely, but the power to conceptualise technological inventions and carry benefits to the people. "A accumulation of technological knowledge can only be useful when it is misused for the transmutation of the sprightliness of the grouping," she said at a run to success the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the Amerindian Federal Field Institution here. "The search for knowledge, nonetheless, is unending and investigate for new discoveries must continue as we cope up with move and new challenges which the humanity is grappling today," Patil said. Stating that the humanity was wiggly presumptuous speedily and decisively into an era where societies and economies were incrementally based on knowledge, she said this emphasised the pauperization for an upbringing grouping which pleased the learn of bailiwick among the younger propagation. For this, India has launched a 'secondment woman' of assets in higher breeding with an discourse of facilities and setting up of many institutions equivalent IIT and medial universities, she said.

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