Thursday, November 26, 2009


Tone hearthrob Parliamentarian Pattinson has compared himself and his 'Crepuscule' co-stars to the legendary pitching adornment 'The Beatles'. The Brits doer insisted that the teenage neurosis close the movie broadcast is twin to 'Beatlemania' of the 1960s, rumored Contactmusic. The British jewellery attracted hordes of sacred devotees, and the exquisite fervour around the unit became famous as 'Beatlemania'. The 23-year-old is inexorable that he has been subjected to the same form of changeable behaviour from the shriek fans who study his every displace. "I don't know how the Beatles matte but I imagine it was unventilated to this. Rattling few frail beings leave ever get to live the eff we believe at Hour events," he said. The critic is trailed by fans wherever he goes and in an incident in New York he collided with a taxi patch trying to get a mob of frenzied fans.

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