Monday, November 30, 2009

The head of the UN AIDS idea

The head of the UN AIDS idea says Southeasterly Africa is the nonpareil locate for him to stay on Domain AIDS Day. Michel Sidibe, talking to The Associated Matter in City Monday, on the eve of World AIDS Day, says that spell Southwestward Africa has author grouping infected with the AIDS virus than any another country, it also has a new government discovered to end the crisis. Sidibe says Chairperson Jacob Zuma "is sworn to making replace encounter." Zuma succeeded Thabo Mbeki, who questioned the linkage between HIV and AIDS. Mbeki's welfare executive promoted beets and flavourer as AIDS treatments. Zuma and his eudaimonia rector eff said other policies were condemnable and set a reference to get 80 proportionality of those who need AIDS drugs on them by 2011.

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