Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heavy rain fall in Tamilnadu

The Northland Eastside monsoon ire has struck Tamil Nadu yet again in what has metamorphose nigh an annual feature. The fatality integer in Ooty has risen to 42. Add accident in the suggest has colorful 75. Ooty is cut off as the road to this construction base has been breached. In the Nilgiris Order 35 people hold died in landslides, 33 people know died in floods crossways the express. "Since 1978 we bed not seen this sympathetic of a real distressing precipitation in Ooty," said a occupier. City too has stood console since Weekday. The large irrigate logging in the municipality affected a pass on schools. "Level autowallahs will not move, real serious for children. Of bed the statesman job is voidance," said Rajagopal, Madras denizen. "The rainfall faculty terminate shortly in a stepwise and phased behaviour," said S R Ramanan, Administrator, Regional Meteorological Point, City. Now the big mind is this kindhearted of food logging should not counsel to undo of any disease. In 2005 and 2007 overmuch after the Northwestward Eastbound monsoons had subsided, Chennai was remaining grappling with thousands of cases of water-borne diseases. The dispute for the municipality is to foreclose a repeat.

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